Loose Teeth in Adults: Causes and Solutions

A tooth loosens its grip, begins to wobble and then falls out. If you're a child, this is an exciting event. If you're an adult, it's downright distressing. When you have a full set of permanent, adult teeth, what could cause one of them to become loose? And can the tooth be saved? Initial Signs Short of an accident that caused a sufficiently strong impact to your mouth, a loose tooth in adults is likely to be the result of advanced, untreated periodontal disease. [Read More]

5 Benefits of Porcelain Dental Veneers

Dentists use porcelain dental veneers to cover up imperfections in a person's smile, such as crooked front teeth, chipped teeth or severe dental staining. Compared to composite dental veneers, porcelain dental veneers have several advantages. 1. Stain Resistance Porcelain dental veneers have a higher capacity to resist dental staining than composite veneers. The shiny, smooth surface of porcelain provides little opportunity for staining compounds to attach to the veneers, with the result that these veneers stay white and beautiful even if you drink coffee and wine regularly. [Read More]

Two tips for people who are about to have their first dental cleaning

If as a result of financial problems, your dental phobia, or other issues, you have made it to adulthood without ever having had a scale-and-polish, and you are now planning to book your first dental cleaning, you might find this advice quite enlightening. Schedule it for a couple of days or more before any dates, business dinners or other important meetings. You should find out if your dentist can fit you in for a dental cleaning a couple of days (or more) before any business dinners, dates or other important upcoming meetings you have planned. [Read More]

How a Dental Cleaning Can Improve the Effects of Teeth Whitening

If you find yourself limiting your smile because of teeth stains, you can benefit from teeth whitening. The hydrogen peroxide in whitening treatments, whether over the counter or in office, dissolves the stains that affect tooth enamel. However, you might benefit from having your teeth cleaned first. A pre-treatment cleaning will ensure that your teeth are in the best shape possible for a teeth-whitening treatment. A Dental Cleaning Removes the Stains Between Teeth [Read More]