How a General Dentist Can Help to Prevent Dental Problems In Your Family

While there are many dental specialists out there today, general dentists are the dentists that most people still see today. The majority of the work that these dentists do primarily revolves around addressing dental concerns before they can develop into full-blown problems that are expensive to treat. This is called preventative oral care.  Read along to find out what a general dentist can do to help prevent dental problems in your family. [Read More]

6 Reasons to Ensure Your Teenager Brushes Their Teeth While Wearing Braces

Getting braces as a teenager can be both frightening and exciting. That's why it is important for parents to be there to guide their children through the whole teenager orthodontic care process. If your teenager has just started a course of orthodontics, encourage them to practice excellent oral hygiene morning and night. If your teenage child tends to skip brushing and flossing, remind them that any — or all — of the following problems could occur in the near future. [Read More]

Loose Teeth in Adults: Causes and Solutions

A tooth loosens its grip, begins to wobble and then falls out. If you're a child, this is an exciting event. If you're an adult, it's downright distressing. When you have a full set of permanent, adult teeth, what could cause one of them to become loose? And can the tooth be saved? Initial Signs Short of an accident that caused a sufficiently strong impact to your mouth, a loose tooth in adults is likely to be the result of advanced, untreated periodontal disease. [Read More]

5 Benefits of Porcelain Dental Veneers

Dentists use porcelain dental veneers to cover up imperfections in a person's smile, such as crooked front teeth, chipped teeth or severe dental staining. Compared to composite dental veneers, porcelain dental veneers have several advantages. 1. Stain Resistance Porcelain dental veneers have a higher capacity to resist dental staining than composite veneers. The shiny, smooth surface of porcelain provides little opportunity for staining compounds to attach to the veneers, with the result that these veneers stay white and beautiful even if you drink coffee and wine regularly. [Read More]