Dental Emergencies: 3 Common Solutions to a Chipped Tooth

One of the most painful dental emergencies that you might have to deal with is a chipped tooth. Teeth chip because they are weak, and they can also chip when they've been subjected to sudden blunt-force trauma. For example, your tooth might get chipped when you bite into tough foods or if someone hits you in the face with a hard object. Depending on the size of the chip, you will experience varying amounts of pain and bleeding. How you deal with the emergency will determine whether you get to keep the tooth or lose it completely.

The crucial thing is contacting an emergency dentist and using the right first aid procedures to preserve the tooth beforehand. Here are three common solutions that a competent emergency dentist will offer when you chip your tooth.

Getting Dental Veneers

One of the best ways to deal with a chipped tooth is installing veneers. Veneers are shells that the dentist installs on top of the normal tooth to improve its appearance. The shell closely resembles the color of the natural tooth. When you visit the dentist, they will check the tooth's condition and try to establish whether it has damage that might lead to decay. 

When they have ruled out damage to the dentin and the pulp cavity, they will use special dental glue to cover the tooth's surface and protect the rest of the tooth from further damage.

Installing a Dental Crown

The other solution the dentist might offer is a new dental crown. A crown is a viable solution when you have lost a substantial portion of your tooth. The dentist will make the crown in the shape of the tooth, and it protects the tooth from further injuries and damage. 

If your dentin and pulp cavity are damaged, the dentist will first carry out a root canal procedure to stop further decay and then install the crown.

By Using Fillers and Bonding

The third solution the professional might give you is fillers. Fillers are an easy solution when you have minimal damage to your tooth. They use tooth-colored composite resin to fill out the tooth portion that has gotten damaged. 

They then reshape the tooth to match the other natural teeth. The procedure is quick and pain-free and also minimally invasive.

The crucial thing is hiring an expert to handle your dental emergency. With their help, you will get the problem fixed and regain normal tooth function.