How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays Correctly

The popularity of teeth whitening procedures and products among Australians aged 35 and below has been increasing over the last couple of years. The ready availability of teeth-whitening products has made the procedure effortless. Teeth whitening trays are an excellent example of over-the-counter products, which proved successful among the youth. However, you can easily irritate or damage your teeth and gums by using teeth whitening trays incorrectly. This article highlights essential tips for using teeth whitening trays correctly.

Choose a Custom Fit Tray

Over-the-counter trays are cheap and readily available, but most do not fit properly. The reason is that OTC trays are generic and only fit a small group of people. The best teeth whitening results are only possible with customised teeth whitening trays. They do not leave gaps or spaces when worn, allowing adequate contact between the whitening gel and teeth. Moreover, custom-made whitening trays are much more comfortable, meaning that you can wear them for as long as a dentist recommends.

Use Whitening Gel Sparingly

Whitening trays are used together with a whitening gel. All you have to do is squeeze the gel into the tray then bite into it. Therefore, it is crucial to use the right amount of gel to prevent irritation and gum damage. Interestingly, patients have a common misconception that the best results are only possible with excess gel. Nothing could be further from the truth because excess whitening gel overflows inside your mouth once you bite into the tray. It leads to irritation of the gums and teeth, making it challenging to eat hot and cold foods. Therefore, follow instructions carefully before filling a tray with whitening gel.

Follow a White Diet

Although whitening trays and gels do not produce instant results, you can accelerate the process by following a white diet. The reason is that whitening trays work on the surface of the teeth. Therefore, you should avoid anything that promotes staining on your teeth. For instance, stay away from coffee and other carbonated beverages, red wine, curries, and dark fruit juices. A diet filled with the above options will compromise a whitening tray's efforts and prolong the amount of time you need to wear the devices. Dentists advise clients to follow a white diet during treatment, including white rice, potatoes, poultry meat, beans, and milk. A white diet is not only healthy, but it also helps accelerate the teeth whitening process.

For more information about teeth whitening, contact a dentist.