How White Can Tooth Whitening Actually Make Your Teeth?

Tooth whitening is an increasingly common procedure that many people undertake without knowing everything that is involved in the products that they use. At-home remedies and do-it-yourself kits are freely available online and in many pharmacies, and they can promise amazing results that seem to be too good to be true. Of course, the old adage that anything that is too good to be true normally is holds true here, and while tooth whitening can certainly make a difference to your teeth, it has to be done in a safe environment for it to be long-lasting and without side effects. [Read More]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Four Important Tips for Promoting Recovery

The eruption of wisdom teeth often causes dental discomfort and complications. In simple terms, these teeth are the last ones to grow and usually appear during young adulthood. Unfortunately, this late growth means that there is insufficient space for comfortable growth. Numerous people experience pain and general discomfort after the appearance of these teeth. In other cases, the tooth becomes impacted. This problem involves growth in an abnormal angle or incomplete eruption. [Read More]

3 Reasons You Need Professional Teeth Whitening

If you brush and floss your teeth every day, why do they still develop stains? Why can't you remove those stains at home, instead of needing a dentist to professionally clean them away? Let's take a look at three reasons why most people need professional teeth whitening to keep their pearly whites bright. 1. Modern Life Leads to Dental Staining Many habits that seem impossible to avoid in modern life contribute to dental staining. [Read More]

Dental Emergencies: 3 Common Solutions to a Chipped Tooth

One of the most painful dental emergencies that you might have to deal with is a chipped tooth. Teeth chip because they are weak, and they can also chip when they've been subjected to sudden blunt-force trauma. For example, your tooth might get chipped when you bite into tough foods or if someone hits you in the face with a hard object. Depending on the size of the chip, you will experience varying amounts of pain and bleeding. [Read More]