Grey Is Not Okay: Here's Why Your Dentist Needs to Inspect Your Grey Tooth

Anyone who notices a grey tooth in their mouth needs to make an appointment at their local dental centre. A grey tooth may require urgent restorative treatment, although it's also possible that no intervention is needed. There are many reasons why a tooth can develop a grey hue, and you simply don't know until a dentist takes a look at the tooth in question.  Pulp Necrosis Perhaps the most serious cause of a grey tooth is pulp necrosis. [Read More]

After Your Dental Implant Surgery: What's That Grey Patch on Your Gums?

A healthy smile should have two distinctive colours—the white (or slightly off-white) shade of your teeth, which meets the pinkness of your gums. Some patients who receive dental implants may face an unexpected change in the colour of their gums. Sure, the gums are still mostly pink, but what's that grey shadow directly beneath your implant's prosthetic tooth? A Prominent Grey Patch A darkening of any part of your body can be extremely concerning. [Read More]

Loose Dental Veneer: What's the Risk and What Do You Need to Do?

It can be puzzling when a tooth feels loose without actually being loose — with the surface of the tooth feeling slightly mobile, while the tooth itself remains securely rooted in your jaw. But this is precisely what having a loose dental veneer feels like. The veneer's bond to the tooth is weakening, and will soon fail. So what do you need to do about it? Controlled Detachment A loose veneer isn't a dental emergency, but neither is it something that should be delayed. [Read More]

2 Factors That Determine the Durability of Veneers

If you are unhappy with your smile (due to chipped, crooked, or stained teeth), you can improve the aesthetics of your existing teeth with veneers. Veneers conceal all your teeth' imperfections so you can smile boldly.  But how durable are veneers? Check out two factors that determine how long veneers last. Type of Veneers Your veneer's construction material and overall maintenance largely determine how long your veneers last. The two main types of veneers available are porcelain and composite. [Read More]