Teeth Whitening When You Have Dental Crowns

Can you go for teeth whitening if you have dental restorations such as crowns? The short answer is yes, though you cannot whiten a dental crown. Dental crowns do not affect you being a good candidate for this treatment, so it is not anything to worry about. What you should be concerned about, however, are your expectations. Here is what you should know about teeth whitening when you have dental crowns and a look at your options.

No Whitening Effect on Crowns

A whitening product that works on crowns and other dental restorations is yet to be introduced to the market. All teeth whitening products work only on natural teeth. Crowns will remain as they are regardless of how much or the concentration of whitening products you try to use on them.

Replace Your Crowns After Whitening

If you want your crows to match in colour with your new set of whiter teeth, then your only option is to replace the crowns. When fitting the new crowns, your dentist will check against the shade of colour achieved during teeth whitening and pick a similar shade or something as close to it for the crowns.

This replacement is well worth the money you will put into it. Just like your natural teeth, dental crows do stain over time, and if yours are heavily stained, then the difference in colour between your newly whitened teeth and the crowns will be more evident.

Match Your Whitening to the Shade of Your Crowns

Not many people opt for this option, but it can certainly be done. If your crowns are still new and just the right shade of white that you want for your teeth, then you can tell your dentist as much. The dentist may be able to customise your teeth whitening treatment just right in order to get this particular shade of white.

This option will save you the cost of replacing your dental crowns. What you should do is ensure that you communicate your expectations to the dentist right away. There are, of course, so many other factors, including your skin tone, that you should take into account when selecting the shade of white you want from your teeth whitening.

Even Colour for a More Attractive Smile

You cannot afford not to take care of dental crowns when considering teeth whitening. Yours will be an even brighter and more attractive smile if the shade of white on your dental crowns matches that of your newly whitened teeth.

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