Denture Repair Clinic Services

Dentures are a great dental appliance. Ask anyone who has had to endure the struggle of eating with missing teeth, and they will definitely agree.

In a large number of cases, dentures are made of a material referred to as acrylic. Despite the durability of acrylic as a denture material, it can suffer physical damage after having been in use for a long time. With this in mind, here are a few services you can expect from a denture repair clinic.

Re-Attachment of Broken or Cracked Dentures

One of the main reasons why denture repair clinics are established is to offer restorative services for the mentioned dental appliance. Once a set of dentures breaks or cracks, it is highly likely that it will no longer fit into your mouth as well as used to before the crack or breakage. In order to restore the denture back to its previous state, dental technicians will send the damaged denture to a dental laboratory from where the restoration will be done.

Some denture repair clinics have their laboratories within the same location as the clinic. Others send the damaged denture to a laboratory in a different location.

The benefit of choosing a denture repair clinic that has an on-site laboratory is that you can be sure to get your dentures repaired on the same day. If they have to be shipped to an off-site laboratory, you will inevitably have to wait for a day or two.

Denture Re-Alignment Services

Another important service you can expect from a denture repair clinic is that of denture re-alignment. With their continued use, temporary dentures might shift out of position from time to time. This can easily affect how easily you are able to chew, and in certain circumstances, it can have a negative impact on the clarity of your speech.

When dentures get misaligned, they need to be put back into their original position at a denture repair clinic.

The aspect of proper alignment and correct fit are the two most important reasons why denture repairs should be carried out at the clinic rather than at home using a DIY denture repair kit.

Denture Replacement

In certain situations, the extent of damage on dentures is irreparable or the patient has lost or misplaced the original denture during routine cleaning. Apart from the repair of dentures, repair clinics also double up as the go-to-place for the fabrication of new dentures and for denture replacements.