Two treatments that dentists often perform on brides-to-be

Brides-to-be often visit their dentists before getting married in order to get a few treatments that will help them to look as lovely as possible on their wedding days. Here are two very common treatments that engaged women often get at dental clinics.

Cosmetic injections

Many women get cosmetic injections when they notice the formation of wrinkles on their facial skin or a loss of volume in their faces. These injections are almost always more effective at fixing these issues than skincare products, and they tend to deliver extremely quick (or even instant) results. Many brides-to-be choose to have these injections a few weeks before their weddings, in order to make their faces as smooth and youthfully plump as they can.

Rather than going to a doctor or a registered nurse, many women choose to get these injections done at dental clinics. The reason for this is that the results that these injections deliver are often dependent on the expertise of the professional who administers them.

Because the process of training to be a dentist requires a person to study facial anatomy and physiology in great detail, dentists are often better equipped than other medical practitioners to administer dermal fillers and botox, as their training means that they always know exactly where to insert the needles in a patient's face in order to help that individual to achieve the look they want (such as a perfectly smooth forehead or fuller-looking cheeks, for example). As such, because a person's wedding day is such a significant occasion on which they will want to look as fantastic as possible, people will often go to their dentists for this treatment, as they know that doing so is the easiest way to ensure they get the cosmetic results they want.

Composite bonding on their front tooth gap

Whilst many people who have a noticeable gap between their two front teeth really like the unique twist that it adds to their appearance, there are others who do not love this feature of their face and would prefer it not to be visible on their wedding day due to the fact that it may distract from their other facial features and because food could easily get stuck in it (which might result in them being left with some embarrassing wedding photos in which they have, for example, spinach stuck between their two front teeth).

Some brides-to-be who have a tooth gap of this kind will visit their dentist a few weeks before their wedding and ask for this gap to be fixed. Because closing a gap with orthodontics can take months, most dentists will opt to fix this issue by applying composite bonding materials to the teeth. These materials will make the two teeth slightly wider, which will close the gap between (or greatly reduce the size of it).