When Your Natural Teeth Can't Hold on Any Longer, Try Partial Dentures

Missing one or more teeth creates a pressure shift in your mouth when biting. As a result, other teeth may move to compensate for the gap, leading to numerous other teeth problems. Partial dentures are an efficient solution for people who have lost their teeth and are looking to restore their teeth's functionality or improve their overall appearance. Patients have different oral health needs, and there are a number of partial denture types for just about anyone. Choosing a partial denture that fits you can be quite tricky, and the more reason why an experienced dentist is required for tests and examinations.

Cast Metal Partial Dentures

These are the most common types of partial denture fixtures and contain a rigid cast metal frame and high-quality replacement teeth. This acrylic-based denture attaches to a crown by clasps and is commonly considered the superior quality option because it is strong and durable.

Flexible Partial Dentures

The flexible partial denture offers an alternative to patients who find the metal cast denture uncomfortable and others who are allergic to acrylic. The flexible denture is crafted from a thin heat-sensitive plastic that makes it thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Flexible dentures attach to your teeth via clasps. Despite being considered a temporary solution by many, flexible dentures are very durable and can be used for years.

Tooth Flipper

The tooth flipper is mostly a temporary solution, while the dentist finds a more long-lasting solution. Dentists can make these within minutes and are quite affordable though they may pose durability issues if used for extended periods. Though the metal clasps may be visible during smiling and talking, they stay firm and do not affect you when speech or eating habits. One great benefit of the flipper is its ability to diminish bone loss in the mouth while the gums heal.

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is ideal for patients with a few lost teeth. A fixed bridge, like its meaning, bridges two healthy sets of teeth. The fixed bridge is largely permanent and is flossed and brushed like natural teeth. The procedure to insert a fixed bridge involves cementing an artificial tooth and is relatively more expensive when compared to other removable dentures types.

Partial dentures are the go-to option for many patients because of their affordability. They do an excellent job or restoring functionality and beauty, but like natural teeth, they will require a bit of maintenance. These come in various types and materials, and since there is no single best option for everyone, the choice on what partial denture to insert will depend on your budget and individual dental needs.